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MyAssistant online training provides a comprehensive understanding of how to setup and use MyAssistant. To register or learn more click here.
Innovative Software Design’s support mission is to help clients get the most out of MyAssistant through effective and responsive support, enabling you to extend the power of Timberline Office. Innovative Software Design’s business partners, support staff, and Knowledgebase are available to answer your questions.

When you purchase MyAssistant you receive sixty days of free support. Customers on an annual support and maintenance plan enjoy:
  • Unlimited calls and emails to the Innovative Software Design support center
  • Software enhancements
  • Timberline compatibility updates
  • Free MyAssistant training classes

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Return on investment
"We created a MyAssistant Task to notify us of vendors with a credit balance. We had someone call these vendors and asked them to send us a check. We collected approximately $5,000 of our cash that our vendors were using."

- Kay Howe, Foremost Management